Gladstone Wildlife provides valuable wildlife caring services to the Gladstone region.
Gladstone Wildlife cares for a diverse range of injured, orphaned and sick wildlife of the Gladstone Region. We have specialist carers including raptor, echidna, reptile and marsupial carers. Gladstone Wildlife maintains a regional Care Line 0427 106 803 for Wildlife care related calls. The Gladsone Wildlife care line supports 1300Animal regionally in rescue and care of wildlife.
Our dedicated volunteer team has specialist equipment and training including raptor, echidna, shorebirds, glider, flying fox and reptile training.
Flight plan is the Gladstone Wildlife annual training program. We cover all general rehabilitation and wildlife husbandry practices, as well as facilitate local workshops for wildlife rehabilitators.
Gladstone Wildlife members can access our carer resources through our online portal. Our members also have access to cages, enclosures, incubators, pouches, containers and a range of other assets.
Habits for Habitat is our community education program.
Our expert presenters can tailor your visit to your topics. Meet our animals in care and learn about their special habits and habitats.
All presenters have blue cards , insurance and are licensed.
Healthy Habitats are important to our wildlife. We have nest boxes, recovered tree hollows and a range of habitat help tips and tricks that can turn your yard into a wildlife wonderland.
Our team has some very special skills.
We support a range of Citizen science programs.
Would you like to help us help our wildlife?
Adopting animal in care will help our carers meet the extraordinary costs of rehabilitating animals. You will receive a updates and an adoption certificate and maybe even a visit from your care creature.
Brown white and beige bird of prey up close with large eyes
Three birds of prey huddled together on a branch in an enclosure
brown owl with round white face from the side sitting on a branch in an aviary